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June 30th, 2013    

Bucks & NBA Draft, Brewers, & Interviews with Gilbert Brown and Russell Wilson!!!

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Next week, we switch over to Bucky's 5th Quarter and BlogTalkRadio!  Check out @B5Q & @KielbasaKingsWI this week for more updates!  We're slated for Sunday, July 7th, for our one-year, RELAUNCH!

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1 minute to 31:15 - We talk about the NBA Draft & the Milwaukee Bucks' picks in Giannis Antetokounmpo & Nate Wolters, plus various trades, winners & losers in this Year's draft.

31:17 to 39:52 - We speak with Gilbert Brown about his football camps, the Gilbert Brown Foundation, and his anti-bully campaign he's spearheading!  GREAT LISTEN!

39:55 to 1:00:05 - Brewers & MLB talk - being swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates, trade rumors, and other MLB news

1:00:07 to 1:11:07 - Russell Wilson speaks with reporters about the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, his mission in the camp, his time at Wisconsin, and SOOOO much more!

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June 25th, 2013    

Gilbert Brown: A Positive Impact On and Off The Field

"C'mon 12!"

A loud, familiar voice shouts encouragement to one of the dozens of kids of various ages running inside an indoor soccer court. He calls everyone over, huddles for some positive encouragement, and sends them back to their parents. The first day of Gilbert Brown's Football Camp at KEVA Sports Center in Middleton, Wisconsin is over.

A disruptive force once known as the "Gravedigger" during his days as a Green Bay Packer, Gilbert Brown now channels his energy as a positive influence in many Wisconsin communities.

This is the second of three football camps for the former defensive linemen this summer, who, with the help of Mark Mayfield and Mayfield Sports Marketing, started these endeavors in West Bend last week and will end at the YMCA at Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc July 23rd through 25th.

"Me and Mark Mayfield put some camps together to enhance a good style of football, a disciplined style of football, a teaching style of football, " Brown said.

A style and skill set, he hopes, will translate to success both on and off the field for the camp's participants. "It's skills that you should have been taught at an early age as far as respect," he explains. "It goes back to what you make at home. If your momma tell you take out the garbage, go take out the garbage, don't give her no lip. If you gotta do your homework, go do your homework so you can go out and play."

"It gives you that discipline that helps you in life and on the field," he states.

The former Packers standout dishes out advice during his camps but also gives back to the community. In the Madison area, Brown personally invited kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County to participate in the three-day camp. Later this summer, he plans to hold a free summer camp for inner city kids in Milwaukee.

"It's good to really invite kids that I think can make a difference because football really saves lives. It teaches kids a lot of great values and that's why I really love to come out here to do these camps."

Along with the football camps across the state, Brown devotes his time to the Gilbert Brown Foundation, which supports over 144 charities in Wisconsin via goods and services. All the money raised in WIsconsin, stays within the borders of the state, he said. "It's just a great way for us to give back plus meet all the fans watching me play football for eleven, twelve years."

He's also spearheading an anti-bullying campaign, a cause that has lead him to star in his own comic workbook, "The Adventures of Lil' Gil," to tackle a serious problem in schools today. "It's a shame to see a kid that's getting bullied but don't ask for help," Brown said. "We're just trying ways to help the solution, and that book was one of them."

The Super Bowl champion received inspiration from and was influenced to give back to the community by a special family member. "My mom was my role model. I decided I wanted a role model I could see, touch, speak, talk to everyday, and she was. She was like Superman, Superwoman, all rolled up into one," he said with a smile. "I never wanted to disappoint her."

The 10-year NFL veteran will be at KEVA all day the next two days, not just for part of the sessions, imparting technical wisdom in football drills while also working to influence the kids' off-the-field behaviors as well. Although bringing home the Lombardi Trophy and helping Green Bay regain the nickname, "Titletown," in the 1990s with the likes of Brett Favre and Reggie White, Gilbert Brown hopes his impact is felt well outside the confines of Lambeau Field.

"We're really trying to work on making a difference in the community and making a difference at home and at the dinner table," he said. "I think doing all these camps help the kids."

Make sure you check out for more information on registering for his football camps - especially the one in Oconomowoc from July 23rd-25th - his foundation's website, and follow him on Twitter @GilbertBrown

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June 23rd, 2013    

NBA, NHL, Aaron Hernandez & Brewers!!!

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Remember our big announcement:  Starting in July, we become part of Bucky's 5th Quarter!  Check out @B5Q on Twitter &!  More details to be announced in the coming weeks!

Check out this week for KKSE Interactive - Gilbert Brown is slated to join us for next week's show.  Ask some questions to Gilbert on their forum, and we'll select one or two to ask him come Tuesday. We'll put the cut-off at noon on Tuesday.  Looking forward to hearing your questions!

Also, make sure you guys check out for the Madison camp discount for next week ($125) or the Oconomowac camp coming up in July!

1:00 to 22:45 - Spurs & Heat - the NBA Finals' recap, and our look at the NBA Draft & who the Bucks will pick!  Will Vander Blue, or any of the former Badgers be drafted this year?

22:50 to 30:30 - We talk some NHL - Blackhawks and Bruins! Plus, would an NHL team survive in Milwaukee?

30:35 to to 41:20 - Our "Dupa of the Week" - Patriots' TE Aaron Hernandez - we talk about the situation, and what the Patriots will do without possibly him and Gronk?

43:00 to end of show - Brewers talk - Series vs Braves & Astros, their week ahead, plus MLB news and notes!

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June 17th, 2013    

Brewers, NBA Finals, & our Big Announcement!

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Our big announcement:  Starting in July, we become part of Bucky's 5th Quarter!  Check out @B5Q on Twitter &!  More details to be announced in the coming weeks!

1:00 to 30:50 - Brewers! Logan Schafer, Possible All-Stars in Segura and Gomez, Peralta's struggles, plus MLB talk with Divisional and Wild Card races starting to heat up!

30:50 to 46:25 - Spurs & Heat, NBA Finals, plus Bucks without Monta Ellis!

46:25 to 52:20 - Desmond Bishop released by the Packers! We discuss the move!

52:20 to 57:00 - U.S. Open!  Justin Rose captures the title, Mickelson left out again for the 6th time as runner-up

57:00 to 1:03:25 - Badgers Watch! We break down Danny O'Brien's departure, along with the transfer of Reggie Mitchell

1:03:30 to end - We announce our BIG NEWS:  We're heading to BUCKYS5THQUARTER.COM!!! We talk about our move and plans for the future! Special thanks to Mike, the writers and everyone at Bucky's 5th Quarter, and SB Nation for this wonderful opportunity!!!!!

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June 9th, 2013    

Talkin’ Polish Fest w/Jane Riley Best, Plus Brewers, Packers & NBA!

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Make sure you check out Polish Fest this weekend, June 14th through 16th, in Milwaukee!  Go to and on Facebook for more details!

1:00 to 34:30 - We talk Brewers - their 3 game winning streak, the week ahead vs the Miami Marlins & the Cincinnati Reds, the Ryan Braun/Biogenesis story, and if the Brewers should start looking at trading certain players

34:37 to 47:30 - Polish Fest Festival Director Jane Riley Best stops by to talk about the LARGEST Polish celebration in the USA!  Lots of fun talk about this year's festivities - The Big Boomski, the Chopin musical competition, the food and dancing, and so much more!  One of the best festivals not just in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, but this country!

47:50 to 1:02:19 - Packers' breakdown - Reaction to the Brett Favre & Greg Jennings news, plus we discuss the breaking news of former Badgers tackle Gabe Carimi's trade to the Bucs and Titus Young.

1:02:20 to the end of the show - NBA Finals - Spurs or Heat?  We give our thoughts!

Big shout out to our friend Steve Haywood for a speedy recovery.  Make sure you check out the JSOnline article about him and his recovery.

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June 2nd, 2013    

Green Bay Packers’ QB Matt Brown, plus Brewers, Bucks, NBA & More!

Jak się masz everyone!

Fun show tonight!  We welcome Green Bay Packers QB Matt Brown (@mbreezy_13 on Twitter) to the show!  Gracious guest, and an absolute great listen!  Don't mind the static-like interference on some of the interview folks!

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT GBPACKERADDICTS.COM!  Great Packers talk and discussion!

1:00 to 20:50 - We talk about the Brewers' series victory over the Phillies, the rough month of May, their series ahead with the As, Phillies, Marlins, and more, plus some bright spots in Jean Segura, Mike Gonzalez, among others.

21:10 to 35:10 - Our chat with Green Bay Packers QB Matt Brown!  We discuss the following:

*Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and if any players have played pranks on the rookies yet

*The NFL Draft Process and the events leading to him signing with the Packers

*His strengths and weaknesses

*Having former Illinois State teammates Nate Palmer and Tyrone Palmer on the team as rookies

*Plus we get to know Matt a little better - Favorite type of music, favorite movie, and Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson?

35:30 to 55:10 - We discuss the Milwaukee Bucks' hire of Larry Drew as head coach, the team's future, plus the Heat and Pacers go to game 7, and the Spurs are rested for the NBA Finals!

55:15 to 1:02:15 - Our "Dupas of the Week!"  - Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert with his comments, and E. Gordon Gee, Ohio State's president, for his!

1:02:20 to 1:07:00 - Little bit of pop culture as we remember late actress Jean Stapleton

1:07:00 to the end of the show - we end the show talking the Badgers possible match-up with LSU in 2014 and between 2016-2018, and what to expect!



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May 29th, 2013    

Long Road Leads Leuer to Memphis

By Jake "Kuba" Kocorowski


PHOTO CREDIT: Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images


That's the number of miles one would travel from Milwaukee to Houston, Houston to Cleveland, and Cleveland to Memphis.  This could be the total mileage for one great American summer road trip, or in reality, a nearly year long journey for a former Wisconsin Badgers star now on his fourth NBA team.  At times, the past eleven months were difficult, but as things often happen for a reason, Memphis Grizzlies forward Jon Leuer ultimately landed on a 56-win team that upset the number one seed en route to a spot in the Western Conference Finals.

"I mean it was definitely a lot of change this year, but I feel I ended up in a great spot on a great team," said Leuer, who we spoke with late last week after a Grizzlies practice.

A lot of change is an understatement.  A 2011 second round draft pick of the Milwaukee Bucks, the Houston Rockets acquired him as part of the trade that brought the Samuel Dalembert era to Milwaukee on June 27, 2012, only to be waived less than a month later.  A Central Division rival, the Cleveland Cavaliers, scooped him up two days later.  He played in only nine games and bounced between the Cavs and their D-League affiliate, the Canton Charge, for the first part of the season.  Then on January 22 of this year, Memphis traded for his services in exchange for forward Marreese Speights, guards Wayne Ellington and Josh Selby, and a future first round draft pick.

"It's not easy, you know, definitely not easy, once you start getting kind of comfortable in one spot and feel like you're learning, you have the system down, and then all of a sudden you get traded, and you have to pick up and move to a new city and find new relationships and new people," he acknowledged.

"It's definitely tough and different from college, but at the same time, you just have to know it's the nature of the business, and my mindset never changes wherever I'm at."

That mindset and attitude was shaped by his time at Wisconsin under coach Bo Ryan.  "I've always been a hard worker, but coming into Wisconsin, you learn that you have to earn everything you get, and as a freshman, nothing's given to you," Leuer said.  "That's something that's still in my mentality as I moved on to the NBA.  I think, looking back on it, I appreciate that, you know, nothing was handed to me. I had to earn everything I had at Wisconsin from Day One."

The former All-Big Ten conference forward came to a team with two established, respected All-Stars in center Marc Gasol and forward Zach Randolph, who have made an influence on the second year player.  "Their approach every day they come in is just to have a hunger and an attention to detail, that as a young player, you can really learn from that," Leuer said.

"Everybody's talented in this league and everybody can play, so it comes down to the little things and what your work ethic is everyday, and seeing those guys are two great examples of how to approach the game."

Although the San Antonio Spurs ended the Grizzlies' season earlier this week to advance to the NBA Finals, the former Badger, who only averaged 5.1 minutes in 19 regular season games for Memphis, gained some key minutes in the third quarter of Game Three last Saturday.  Maybe some of that influence from Gasol, the NBA's 2012-2013 Defensive Player of the Year, rubbed off in his three minutes of play, grabbing two rebounds and swatting a nice block to help sustain their lead with his time on the court.

During his off days, he's been able to take in the city known as the hometown of Elvis Presley & Justin Timberlake, particularly one of its well-known commodities.

"They have great food here, so that's one thing I've been enjoying."

After a crazy year, two trades, and a great playoff run, Jon Leuer's journey appears well worth his destination.

(Make sure you check out our full interview with Jon on this past week's show!)

May 27th, 2013    

Memphis Grizzlies’ & Former Badgers Forward Jon Leuer, Brewers, NBA, & Racing!


PHOTO CREDIT:  Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Cześć everyone!


"The Polish Rifle" Scott Wisniewski & Jake "Kuba" Kocorowski welcome Memphis Grizzlies' standout & former Wisconsin Badgers' star Jon Leuer to our show!  Make sure you check out Jon on Twitter at @JLeu30 & the Memphis Grizzlies at @MemGrizz!

1 minute to 36:00 - We discuss the Brewers' rough week against the Pittsburgh Pirates & Los Angeles Dodgers:  The starting pitching struggles; the extraneous use of the bullpen; the batting averages in the month of May for Ryan Braun, Nori Aoki, Jean Segura, and Carlos Gomez; replacing Rickie Weeks; plus some talk on pitching in the NL Central with the St. Louis Cardinals, Pirates, and Cincinnati Reds & other MLB news

36:15 to 43:15 - Memphis Grizzlies' Jon Leuer joins us!  He talks about:

*Looking back on the past year

*What the Grizzlies need to do against the Spurs

*The influence of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph

*The influence of Bo Ryan, his system and Wisconsin Basketball on his game

*The Memphis Grizzlies fans and how they compare to Badgers fans

*The difficulty of moving from NBA city to city like he has in the past year

43:30 to 58:15 - We talk NBA Playoffs - Can the Memphis Grizzlies come back against the San Antonio Spurs, will the Indiana Pacers, well, keep pace with the Miami Heat?  Plus, some Milwaukee Bucks coaching search news & the prospects of a Milwaukee arena

58:15 to 59:15 - Some quick NHL talk

59:15 to end of show - Indy 500 and NASCAR!  Plus, Golson out at Notre Dame

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May 19th, 2013    

Green Bay Packers RB Johnathan Franklin, Plus Brewers & NBA Playoffs!

Jak się masz everyone!

"The Polish Rifle" Scott Wisniewski & Jake "Kuba" Kocorowski welcome Green Bay Packers 4th round draft pick, running back Johnathan Franklin, on to the show!  Make sure you follow him at @JFrank2308!!!  Special thanks to him and Priority Sports for the opportunity to speak!!!  AN ABSOLUTELY MUST LISTEN!!!


(1:00 minute to 24:00) - We talk about the Brewers' pitching struggles & their rough road trip - heck, their rough May!  Plus, we talk more MLB!

(24:15 to 37:00)  We talk with Green Bay Packers draft pick Johnathan Franklin!  We chat with him about the following:

*His emotions and reaction to receiving that phone call from Ted Thompson & the Green Bay Packers

*How he describes himself as a running back

*What his favorite move to juke out defenders is

*Running backs he used to idolize growing up

*How he describes fellow Bruin & Packers 1st round draft pick Datone Jones, and how having his former teammate in Green Bay will help me adjust to the pros

*Does he have a winter coat?

*We go in-depth about his aspirations to become mayor of Los Angeles & what motivated him for this impressive goal

*What he knows about Green Bay

*What the best part of playing for UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora was

*Favorite NFL teams growing up

*The summer movie he's looking forward to seeing the most

(37:15 to  53:30)  We discuss the NBA Playoffs!  Breakin' down Spurs & Grizzlies, Heat & Pacers!  Plus, some Bucks coaching search discussion!

(53:30 to end of the show) We talk a little NHL, the late Dick Trickle, and our Dupa of the Week!

Make sure you check back later this week - we are scheduled to speak with former Wisconsin Badgers standout & Memphis Grizzlies forward JON LEUER (@JLeu30).  We'll let you know more details as they happen!

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May 12th, 2013    

Green Bay Packers’ 4th Round Pick David Bakhtiari & Year in Review w/Billy Corben Interview!


Cześć all!  A very Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms out there in the world!

Make sure you check out Green Bay Packers' 4th round draft pick David Bakhtiari on Twitter (@DBak59)!  Great guy, and one of the promising rookies going into Packers' training camp!

(3:30 - 13:45) - Our conversation with Green Bay Packers 4th round draft pick, offensive linemen David Bakhtiari!  We chat with the Colorado Buffalo alum about the following:

*How his Twitter blew up after being drafted

*The factors he weighed before declaring for the NFL Draft

*The emotions he felt after he was drafted

*Which position he feels he's the best at

*His strengths and weaknesses

*Evaluating talent (Measurables vs Intangibles)

*What a "Will-Breaker" Is

*If He Had a Favorite Player Growing Up

(18:00 to 49:00) Year One in Review:  We replay our October conversation with ESPN 30 for 30 "The U" and "Broke" director Billy Corben.  Great insight into the documentary process, and an interview, if you missed it back then, you shouldn't miss now!  Follow him on Twitter @BillyCorben

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Next week - we'll play our conversation with Green Bay Packers 4th Round pick Johnathan Franklin, plus more Brewers & NBA Playoffs!

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